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Most everyone has been to a college or university, if not as a student then as a visitor or faculty member. It’s the rare, higher-learning center that is small. Most universities are sprawling complexes comprised of many different buildings and facilities. Without building signs, you would be lost!

One of the most important things about a university is the brand message it delivers. From sports and classes, to letterheads and logos, universities need to use all the resources possible to improve brand awareness and promote the school. It helps if your signs are distinct from those of other universities.

That’s why you should look to Cogent Signs & Graphics design team to help you when it comes to putting together a building sign package for your university. Building signs can be:

  • Monument Signs
  • Pole and Post Signs
  • Lighted and Digital Signs
  • Hanging Signs
  • Channel Letter Signs

and more!

Whichever signs you go for, look for uniformity across the board. This way, wherever people travel on university grounds, they are in for a cohesive experience.

We will show you how to tailor your building signs to fit your every need. Different buildings need different signs, and some buildings are much more prominent on campus than others, but we can create a package so that there is a common thread throughout the complex.

Building signs are a very important part of your university’s overall marketing strategy. We can show you the best ways to get your message across even with simple building signs. Our sign experts know the importance of broadcasting your brand awareness across all venues; all while staying within the specifications you require.

Building signs help people focus when they’re on campus. Looking for a particular building, whether it be for classes, sporting or entertainment events, or the college theater or museum, is not always easy. Well-placed building signs will take away any confusion.

When you are looking to broadcast integral information across the entire campus, building signs are one of your biggest allies. Our design team will show you how to make the most of your building signs with the right specifications.

If you have questions about how to get started with new building signs for your college or university, let out sign experts be your guide. Looking to find out how building signs can benefit your campus?  Are you looking for answers to your questions about effective solutions when using building signs? Reach out to us today.