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Farmers Markets are such a treat to walk through when the weather is nice. Large, piled stacks of ripe bananas, grapes, avocados, and green beans as far as the eye can see. When you sell produce at a Farmers Market, you understand that it is all about location and customers.

Unfortunately, you are not always able to get the same space week after week at the local farmers market or you may travel from one farmers market to another. In these cases, it is important that you are recognized.

With an effective signage solution, no matter where you are or how far back in the market space you get stuck, your customers will know where to find you and your space will be easily noticed.

One of the best ways to be easily and consistently recognized is with a portable, vertical sign. These signs are perfect when your location is always changing. They are very easily set up, and very easily taken down and stored when you are done for the day.

Also, the fact that they are vertical, as opposed to horizontal, means that they take up much less space. This is good when you only have a small booth area to sell your wares.

Portable, vertical signs are lightweight and highly customizable. Cogent Signs & Graphics are happy to create one for you with your existing logo or sit down with you and help you create a one of a kind, memorable design that you can use on your portable, vertical sign. Another great choice, for advertising a farmers market or another event outdoors, is to use a banner.

Banners are just the thing for a wide variety of needs. They can be created in any size. They can be small or gigantic! They can be hung anywhere as well. You’ll see banners hanging from the side of a building, across a chain link fence, in a school gymnasium, or on the back of a pick-up truck. Like our portable, vertical signs, our banners can be customized to your existing logo. Or we can help you create a brand new design for your location or event.

At Cogent Signs & Graphics we are fully capable of handling all of your signage needs. From interior signs – including wayfinding signs, ADA signs, and lobby signs – to exterior signs, like the monument sign or the illuminated channel letter sign, we have got you covered. We can even take your brand out of the office, or market, with customized fleet graphics or vehicle wrapping.

Call us today and find out what we can do for you.