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Some of the most important signs in convention centers are the enter/exit signs. What’s the big deal with enter/exit signs? Let’s look at some ways they are meaningful:

  • Enter and exit signs required by law. Don’t neglect them. And just because they are necessary, that doesn’t mean that they are all the same. Your enter/exit signs will help customers, clients, and other visitors navigate the parking areas, learn where the elevators are located, where the exit doors are, where the emergency exits are located, different ways to enter the convention center itself, and so on. Our design team can show you all of the types of enter and exit signs available. Many are lighted, and they can be created in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Large venues must have safety regulations built in. Enter and exit signs are an important part of safety regulations. It’s not just the visiting public that benefits from them, either. They help provide convenience and safety for your employees and contractors.

  • Convention centers are multi-layered enterprises. It’s not just the large arenas and stage areas that need clear signage. Signage is very important in the parking garages and outside areas as well. Enter and exit packages are beneficial for the parking lots, as well as all interior navigation. Such signs are crucial for keeping everything organized and flowing nicely. Most customers are not familiar with the convention center. Good enter and exit signs will improve their experience.
  • Our design team can put together the perfect enter/exit sign package for your convention center. We know the materials that are needed to create all of the different signs that you can have all over your spaces. We can provide all of the answers to your questions and give you the best customizable solutions to any challenges you face.

Cogent Signs & Graphics will show you the variety of options and materials that will make your signs stand out. They will be created with your building’s aesthetic, location, and brand in mind. No matter how unique, we’ve got you covered.

Reach out to our team today and find out how enter/exit sign packages can transform the efficiency and professionalism of your convention center.